Visiting us

Visiting us

Registry - for professional users

Please note that the JCPC is currently in recess. The new legal year will begin on Monday 2 October 2017.

During recess our Registry section will be opened during the following hours:

  • August - 1000 to 1400*
  • September - 1000 to 1600

*Office closed on Monday 28 August because of the August Bank Holiday

See Registry opening hours for summer recess for further details.

Members of the public

Members of the public are welcome to come and visit the building during opening hours. We are open Monday to Friday, 0930 to 1630. During the legal terms the courts are normally in session:

  • Mondays - 1100 to 1600
  • Tuesday to Thursdays - 1030 to 1600

You are very welcome to observe cases when the court is sitting, but please be aware that space in the public galleries is limited. This may mean you have to wait before gaining access to the court room but normally you should be able to observe a case at some point during your visit. Please note that the court does not sit on Fridays.

Photography is only allowed in courtrooms which are not sitting that day: so on Fridays and recess, photography is generally permitted throughout the building, but on sitting days it is only allowed in public areas and in courtrooms which are not in session or prepared for hearings that day.

Please note that items of clothing or other materials bearing messages that undermine the dignity of the court or which seek to interfere with the proper administration of justice will not be permitted into the building.

For details of guided tours, please see our Guided tours section. Alternatively, a self guided tour guide is available from the reception desk for £2.

A range of frequently asked questions about facilities for visitors to the Court can be found on our FAQs section.

For more information, please contact us by:

  • Email
  • Telephone - 0207 960 1900/1500

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