Visits for schools, colleges and universities

Visits for schools, colleges and universities

The Supreme Court is open to the public from 9.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday and any member of the public can enter the building during these hours without booking in advance.

However, to ensure that students get the most out of their visit to the Court, we also provide structured visits for groups in full-time education at schools, colleges and universities from Monday to Thursday 1000; 1100; 1400; 1500 and Fridays at 1000.

Visits are free of charge and consist of an interactive introductory talk given by one of our Information Officers, time in our educational exhibition area and the opportunity for students to observe some of an appeal hearing (depending on the court schedule and space in the public seating areas).

The introductory talk lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers the history, role and work of the Supreme Court. The talk can be tailored to fit specific curriculum areas/learning outcomes - if you are interested in this option, please provide further information on the Educational visits booking form.

How to book a visit to The Supreme Court

If you are interested in booking a visit for a group from your school, college or university, please complete the Educational visits booking form and send it to Enquiries so that we can check availability on your requested date(s). Please note that we are unable to take bookings for tours between 1200 and 1400.

Due to staff resources and space limitations, we are unable to conduct educational tours for groups of 10 or less students. Our maximum group size is 30.

Our educational tours are aimed at secondary school and above. Given the technical nature of much of the legal argument heard by the Court, we do not generally encourage groups of younger students. In our experience, primary and junior school groups can gain a more helpful understanding of the courts system by visiting a local court or inviting a local judge in to school. Of course, younger visitors attending with smaller groups of friends or family are very welcome to visit the building and to spend time looking round the courtrooms unguided. We also have a 'Legal Eagle Trail' for children in the exhibition area which they may find of particular interest.

When considering the date of your visit, you might find it particularly interesting to watch the 'hand down' of judgments, which usually takes place at 9.45am on Wednesday mornings. This will give your students the chance to see summaries of the Court's latest decisions being given by the Supreme Court Justices in person. If you are interested in this opportunity, please make this clear on the booking form.

Our catering team offer a special deal for visiting groups, with a packed lunch offered for £5.50 per head. This can be arranged directly with our catering team by using the form below, and payment must be made in advance in a single payment covering all the students. Lunches ordered in this way can be consumed in our café area or taken out of the building.

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