One of the Supreme Court's key aims is to educate and inspire people about the UK justice system. We offer a range of activities and resources to give students an opportunity to understand the workings of the UK's highest court.

Many of our education programmes also provide opportunities for students to excel, increasing their understanding of the legal system and improve their skills.

Beyond the Supreme Court

As well as the opportunities presented at the Supreme Court, there are many more within a short walk of our building.

The Royal Courts of Justice

The iconic Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand houses both the Court of Appeal and the High Court. National Justice Museum Education deliver interactive learning activities in the courtrooms providing memorable educational experiences. This historic and professional environment is ideal for hands-on learning about the law, how to live within it and careers within the justice system.

Through tours and courtroom workshops, students will discover the building, its history and explore real cases. Groups are able to re-enact historical or contemporary civil or criminal trials led by experienced legal education facilitators. Cases are relevant to many areas of the curriculum including law, history and SMSC and cover a range of key skills.

For more details and booking information, please visit the National Justice Museum Education website.

Westminster Abbey

Just a stone's throw from the Supreme Court is another inspiring building at the heart of national life.

With a rich tradition of Christian worship, Westminster Abbey provides over a thousand years of history. Why not combine your visit to the Court with booking your group onto one of the Abbey's professionally-led sessions (lasting around 90 minutes to 2 hours).

For more details and booking information, please visit the Westminster Abbey website.

Work experience and marshalling

The nature of our work means we cannot offer work experience or the opportunity to marshal a Justice. As a student, you can visit the Court to sit in on cases and look round our educational exhibition.