Debate Days

Student Debate Days launch 2022/23 programme

Now in its twelfth year, this is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills. This will be of particular interest for those studying law, politics, history, or citizenship.

The Debate Day programme offers 10 schools the chance to debate a legal topic at the Supreme Court. Successful applicants spend a day at the UKSC, have a tour of the building and are then split into their three teams, (For, Against and Justices). Groups are coached by professional lawyers, in preparation for a debate that will take place in one of the courtrooms.

Student Debate Days launch 2022/2023 programme

A debate pack will be sent in advance, so students will have prepared their key submissions before the debate. The subject of the debate will be associated with a previous UKSC case, for example:

"Do stop and search powers strike a fair balance between the rights of the individual and the interests of society?"


"Should freedom of the press override an individual's right to privacy?"

There is also the option for a virtual session, whereby students will be coached and make their presentations by Microsoft Teams.

Student Debate Days available with The Supreme Court

The programme is open to accredited teaching institutions (schools or colleges) for Years 12 to 13 in England Wales, Years 12 to 14 in Northern Ireland and S5 and S6 students in Scotland.

This year’s programme is now underway with ten successful schools taking part. Next year’s programme will be launched in September 2023. For more information please contact or call 0207 960 1900/1500.