Debate days

Debate days

Applications for 2017/2018 are now open

About debate days

Please note that applications for debate days 2017/18 are now closed.

The Supreme Court offers ten educational institutions from across the UK the opportunity to take part in a debate day every academic year.

Debate days at The UK Supreme Court

At the start of the day, students will be given an introductory tour of the Supreme Court to give them an overall understanding of its role and work followed by a short quiz. They are then split into groups ('for' and 'against' a legal question) where they work on constructing and formulating their argument assisted by Supreme Court staff and professional lawyers. A third group of students act as judges, considering the strength of the arguments put before them on the point of law at stake. The students are then given the unique opportunity to debate in one of the Supreme Court's courtrooms followed by a general Q&A session with a panel of lawyers.

Students are able to choose their preferred debate from a variety of topics, all of which relate to cases previously heard by the Supreme Court. Each debate enables students to not only look at the point of law raised in the case but also gives them an opportunity to debate the wider issue.

These workshops provide students with the opportunity to learn about the separation of powers, the role of the highest court in the land and the constitutional significance of the Supreme Court, in addition to developing their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

How to apply

Please note that applications for debate days 2017/18 are now closed. Applications will reopen in January 2018.

Please note that the debate days are aimed at accredited UK educational institutions. We are not able to accept applications from individual students or from overseas institutions.

For further information regarding our debate day programme please email us directly quoting 'debate day'.

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