Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

The Judicial Committee of The Privy Council (JCPC) is the court of final appeal for the UK overseas territories and Crown dependencies, and for those Commonwealth countries that have retained the appeal to Her Majesty in Council or, in the case of Republics, to the Judicial Committee.

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COURT SITTINGS        02 Jun 2020

    Closed ceremony
  • Swearing-in of Professor Andrew Burrows QC as Justice of the Supreme Court


29 May 2020

News story

Moving education and outreach online

22 May 2020

Online educational resources

For social distancing times - bringing the Supreme Court to you

19 May 2020


Swearing-in of The Right Honourable Professor Burrows QC as Justice of the Supreme Court

18 May 2020

Latest judgments

The JCPC gives one judgment

30 April 2020

Judicial selection process

Selection process for Supreme Court Justice launched

16 April 2020

Swearing-in ceremony

Swearing-in of Lord Justice Leggatt as Justice of the Supreme Court