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Electronic bundle guidelines

Electronic bundle guidelines

General guidelines for electronic bundles in The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

These are the main requirements governing the submission of electronic bundles. For full details see Practice Direction 14 for the UKSC and Practice Direction 9 for the JCPC:

  • The document must be a single PDF.
  • The document must be numbered in ascending order regardless of whether multiple documents have been combined together (in future the original page numbers of the document will be ignored and just the bundle page number will be referred to).
  • Index pages and authorities must be numbered as part of the single PDF document (they are not to be skipped; they are part of the single PDF and must be numbered).
  • The default display view size of all pages must always be 100%.
  • Texts on all pages must be selectable to facilitate comments and highlights to be imposed on the texts.
  • The bookmarks must be labelled indicating what document they are referring to (best to have the same name or title as the actual document) and also display the relevant page numbers.
  • The resolution on the electronic bundle must be reduced to about 200 to 300 dpi to prevent delays whilst scrolling from one page to another (it is advisable to print off the hard copy before reducing the resolution or creating the hyperlinks as stated below)
  • The index page must be hyperlinked to the pages or documents they refer to.
  • Supplementary documents or bundles filed during or close to the start of the hearing must be created as a separate single PDF numbered in ascending order starting from 1 and filed on new memory stick.

A sample bundle can be found on the United Kingdom Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council' s web sites or can be provided to the court users as an example.

In a JCPC bundle, the record should come first followed by form 1, the precis, the statement of facts and issues and then the cases and the authorities


For any further enquiries regarding this matter please contact:

UKSC Registry
020 7960 1900

JCPC Registry
020 7960 1500

Important notice:

Non compliance with the above guidelines may result in your electronic bundle being returned and the case / matter taken out of the list.

During the hearing Counsel should refer to the electronic bundle numbering when addressing The Court.

Electronic bundle sample

Below you will find an example of an electroncic bundle in PDF format.

This electronic bundle is based on a previous application made to The Supreme Court and contains the following contents in the appropriate order:

  1. Sample of SC001 form (pages 2 to 13)
  2. Sample of Statement of Facts and Issues (pages 14 to 16)
  3. Sample of Case for the Appellant (pages 17 to 20)
  4. Sample of Case for the Respondent (pages 21 to 22)
  5. Index to Sample Appendix (pages 24 to 25)
  6. Sample Appendix Documents (pages 26 to 48)
  7. Index to sample Authorities (pages 49 to 51)
  8. Sample Authorities (pages 52 to 95)

Electronic bundle sample (PDF)