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Permission to Appeal

Permission to Appeal - May 2023

Permission to Appeal - May 2023
Case Name Justices PTA Reasons given
Savitri Moonsammy-Motilal (Appellant) v Gregory Laing and 2 others (Respondents) (Trinidad & Tobago)
JCPC 2023/0015
Lord Kitchin
Lord Leggatt
Lord Burrows
9 June 2023
Permission to appeal be refused:
  • On ground 1 (the recusal issue) because the appeal is wholly devoid of merit
  • On ground 2 because this is a challenge to concurrent findings of fact by the courts below
In the following cases, the advice which the Board has given to His Majesty is as indicated below
Darius James Pearce (Appellant) v His Majesty's Attorney General (Respondent) (Jersey)
JCPC 2022/0080
Lord Briggs
Lord Hamblen
Lady Rose
20 May 2023
Permission to appeal be refused because there is no risk that a serious miscarriage of justice has occurred, on conviction or sentence.
Donna Dorsett-Major (Appellant) v Director of Public Prosecutions and another (Respondents) (Bahamas)
JCPC 2023/0013
Lord Lloyd-Jones
Lord Hamblen
Lord Leggatt
Granted on ground 1 only
23 May 2023
Permission to appeal be granted limited to ground 1 only