Moving Education and Outreach Online

Moving Education and Outreach Online

Carrying on educational projects during lockdown

29 May 2020

Our education and outreach programmes inspire and engage students of all ages, across the UK, with the work and role of the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC). While the doors of the building are closed, we have been working to make many of our outreach programmes available online. In June and July, we will pilot delivering two key programmes virtually: Debate Days and tours of the Supreme Court. If successful, online versions of these and other programmes may be rolled out in the future.

Moving Education and Outreach Online

Virtual Debate Dates

The format of Debate Days will remain unchanged and are aimed at year 12-13 in England and Wales, 12-14 in Northern Ireland and S5 and S6 in Scotland. Professional lawyers will help students prepare arguments from a choice of topics, and the students will then present as either 'appellant', 'respondent' or 'Justice'. The pilot will comprise at least three sessions and will be delivered using Microsoft Teams. Confirmed participants include schools in Cardiff, Wales and Belfast, Northern Ireland. In addition to Big Voice London, a charity that works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Virtual Tours

Each year hundreds of student groups receive free educational tours of the UKSC building. While closed, we have developed an interactive session that one of our experienced guides can deliver. Information will be presented live, using a visual slideshow to illustrate key aspects. Students will learn about the role of the UKSC and its 12 justices, explore a selection of cases, see images of the building and key legal figures, and have questions answered by an expert. Sessions will be run through Microsoft Teams, lasting 45 minutes. There will be a maximum of 20 students in a group plus the teacher who organised the session. We will deliver a number of sessions during the pilot, starting with a grammar school in Ashford.

Taking part

If your school would like to participate in these pilots, please email by 5pm on Tuesday 30 June to register interest.

Virtual 360° Tour

You can explore the UKSC building at any time through our virtual 360° tour, which showcases three Courtrooms, the Law Library and event spaces including the Lawyers' Suite and Lobby Area.

Online educational resources

We have range of online education resources for schools, colleges and universities, which can be utilised by teachers or used as part of a home learning programme.

Building closed until further notice

In line with the latest Government advice and guidance from Public Health England, the UKSC building is closed to the public until further notice.

All visitor access to the UKSC building has now stopped and on-site school tours have paused. If you would like to contact us about an existing booking please email including your order number, organisation name and visit date.